Hugo Cloete


Hugo’s expertise and experience is in managing complex Finance & IT Transformation projects. As a consultant Hugo participated in numerous national and international projects, and was furthermore responsible for the development and commercial deployment of various consultancy propositions. Hugo is a result driven professional, always focused on the end-goal, driven by passion about his dreams and what he believes in. As a people orientated professional Hugo is able to connect people and bring out the best in any team.

In 2014 Hugo co-founded Solutio Consulting

Jolanda has more than 18 years of IT Consulting experience. Jolanda’s focus is on IT Project Management, Business Intelligence, Coaching and QlikView. Jolanda is a result-driven consultant with an eye for the customer and team members. She has the ability to motivate, coordinate and organize the team to reach their best potential. Jolanda invests in long term relationships with her customers, relationships that are built on trust. She honours all commitments and she prefers pragmatic, long-term sustainable solutions.

In 2014 Jolanda co-founded Solutio Consulting.

Jolanda Wijnbeek


Fred Conijn

Associate partner

Fred Conijn is a recognized thought leader for Finance, Management Control & System Implementations. Over the past 35 years, he has acquired a wide breadth of business expertise and hands-on implementation experience. His experiences have been published in six books and over hundred articles. His course ‘Data Driven Management Control’   for the VRC (Vereniging Register Controllers) is based on his latest book ‘Aan de slag met Dynamic Control’ .

Fred is very proud of the following recommendations of clients:

´Fred has played a fundamental role in the global ERP design and implementation. He brought structure, gained great respect through content knowledge and also fitted in the Finance team due to his no-nonsense approach.´

´Fred always delivers what he promises. Hiring Fred means that you get a highly experienced consultant.´

Marcel’s focus is on helping organizations improve their financial performance via improving effectiveness (doing the right things), and efficiency (doing the things right).

Business Control
Finance Digital Transformation
Production Control
Project Management
Performance Management
Operational Excellence

Marcel de Leeuw

Associate partner

Jeroen Schaffels

Associate Partner

Reaching a perfect result in close cooperation with the client is the key motivation for Jeroen.

As teamwork leads to better results, it is not only the end result of a project that counts, but also the delivery process of the project. This is the strength of an advice and assures the endurance of a solution.

Jeroen advises and implements specifically in the area of financial management.  He has built up extensive experience in this field since 1998.
Jeroen has experiences in multiple markets and is able to translate market specific insights to other markets.   Jeroen’s core expertise are Cost Management, Performance Management and Project Management.   Jeroen is a consultant at heart with the ability to deliver easily maintainable solutions.