Solutio's Founding

After years of working seperately for different companies as a BI and IT consultant, in 2014 Hugo Cloete and Jolanda Wijnbeek decided to pursue their dream of creating their own company, further spreading their expertise and knowledge.

Solutio Consulting is a committed partner in customer-centric business transformation. Solutio strives to enable individuals and collective groups to further grow and excel in what they do.

Solutio’s implementation approach is pragmatic, realistic, and result driven. By taking small steps, Solutio enables her clients to become increasingly effective and generate more customer value.

“We engage our clients on a highly professional yet very personal level, we aim to create committed long term relationships with our clients and partners.”

– Hugo Cloete & Jolanda Wijnbeek.

Solutio Consulting is owned by and part of Cloete-Wijnbeek Investments BV.