Finance Digital Transformation 2.0

The finance function is changing rapidly. Digital transformation and access to more and more data is changing the finance function at an exponential rate. The focus has shifted away from scorekeeping to finance being not only the business partner, but the navigator.

On November 12th 2019 Solutio Consulting hosted its first event in Hoevelaken. After a light meal and a chat, a room filled with experts and enthusiasts quieted down for three insightful presentations.

“A successful digital transformation is not only about data and IT, it also includes its people, processes and good governance” Jolanda tells us in her insightful presentation about Business Intelligence. ‘Intelligent edge’, ‘Collaborating teams’, ‘A.I.’, ‘Data’… All these new developments can be very overwhelming for the average person. As with any change, she tells us, make sure you are well prepared. Have a strong base, optimize your goals with your methods, and make well informed decisions by analyzing the available data. Be ready to transform! She then goes further into detail explaining what a ‘successful’ BI-transformation looks like and how people play an important and integral part in successful change and adoption. Everyone within an organisation will have to be trained and coached to understand what the data tells us. There is an ever increasing need for “data fluency” in organisations.

Next up was Fred Conijn, author of ‘Aan de slag met dynamic control’, and owner of Dynamic Control. In his short but powerful presentation he explained to us the importance of a dynamic mindset in the realm of data analogy. In his presentation, Fred describes the building blocks needed to setup a system that enables companies to act quickly and decisively. Using tips and examples, Fred explained how to create a dynamic control model that is specific to your own organisation. I highly encourage anyone to give his book a read and learn more about ‘Dynamic Control with data analytics.’

Last but not least Gerben te Woerd, inspired everyone with his acquired knowledge from his 15 episodes podcast on developments within Finance and IT. He managed to fire up a discussion under all of us listeners on the statements that he’d extracted from his interviews. We openly talked and theorized about subjects like RPA, Blockchain, A.I., Cybersecurity, humans and technology, future work perspectives and much more.

It truly is miraculous how a room filled with inspired minds can elevate the energy of everyone present. After a brief thanking of the guest speakers the attendants stayed for a drink and a conversation. New friends and connections are easily made when you’re stimulated with new knowledge. What an insightful and inspiring evening it was. And surely it will not be the last!

- Ansomij Cloete

Gerben te Woerd
Fred Conijn
Jolanda Cloete-Wijnbeek