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Our Values

With Solutio we focus on potential, we increase trust and we head for the results.


The full potential is only within reach when we continuously attend every building block of the company. Every individual is important and we know that a safe and loyal environment will create the solid foundation of the company’s success. Thus we always encourage honesty and harmony in the workforce.


We stand for complete transparency and unwavering integrity. We invest in our long-term relationships We have found through years of experience in consultancy and corporate growth that solid relationships within and around each company are the true cause of continuous growth.


We are ambitiously result driven. Our company thrives on each challenge and opportunity, as they ensure growth for both parties involved. We always find solutions that focus on realistic durability, and pragmatic simplicity.


 finance digital transformation

There is an ever increasing need to align the finance function with their company’s strategy.
To improve business performance and shareholder value as well as improving operational effectiveness and efficiency the business rely on the finance function to transform from Scorekeeping to being the Business Partner.

performance management

Globalization, continuous technological advancement, improved legislative changes and volatile markets create an exciting yet challenging world for a business.

The ability to keep up with vast and perpetual improvement and necessary changes that take place on a daily basis has become essential.

An open minded and well-organized approach is what ensures stability and leaves room for ambition and further growth.